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The quality policy of our company in line with the tenet of "people-oriented", through the establishment of excellent staff team, all staff to participate in the company's quality management, consciously abide by the laws and regulations, professional integrity, responsible for the society, to customers with 100% qualified products, enterprises bigger and stronger, to adapt to the demand of the market, and keep continuous improvement, innovation, perfect quality management system, to make our customers long-term and high level of satisfaction, to make our products to the world, to make the company to obtain the best economic and social benefits.

Company policy:

Innovation and innovation, harmonious and win-win, stronger and stronger, the benefit of the party.


Innovation and innovation are the vitality of enterprises. Without innovation, enterprises cannot continue to develop. Harmony and win-win is the core of twin-flight enterprise culture. Only in harmony, can the enterprise be stable, and only win-win can bring the two flying customers to the world. It is the foundation of enterprises, economic backstop, no strong economic foundation, and everything will become empty. To benefit one party is the ultimate goal of enterprise construction. It is really good that everyone is good. If our company can not benefit society, it will lose its meaning of survival. We have to have a philosophy, a theory, a team, to bring the company together. This idea is a spiritual force that will guide our companies to grow and benefit more people.

Quality policy:

Quality of life, guaranteed quality and quality, find the problem better, the customer tree brand.

Quality aim:

1.qualification ratio under first acceptance check ≥99%

2.Delivery of PPM≤85

3.On time delivery 100%

4.Customer Satisfaction Rate>88%

Quality assurance:

We take 100% responsibility for the products we supplied and provide qualified after-sales servise.