Home Culture

Company Policy:
Geting excellent results in Innovation and superior;
Creating a harmonious and win-win environment;
Growing bigger and stronger;
Bringing in benefit for the local people。

Take quality as our lives, ensure good quality and seek superior, find problems and make continous improvements, bring benefit to our customers and make our brand well known.

Our quality policy takes human as the purpose, to organize all the employees to take part in the quality management by setting up an excellent team. Everyone obeys rules and regulations with good self-decipline,dedication, credit, responsible for the society, provide 100% good quality product to our customers.Make our company grows stronger and larger. To adapt to the changing market demand, make continous improvement, pioneering and innovative, perfect our QC management system, in this way, can we satisfy our customer better on long-term basis. make our products become well-known worldwide, to gain maximum economic and social benefits
Our quality policy will be applied thoroughly on our actual quality aim, All employees should understand and remember it.

Quality aim:
1.qualification ratio under first acceptance check ≥99%
2.Delivery of PPM≤150
3.On time delivery 100%
4.Customer Satisfaction Rate>88%

Quality assurance:
We take 100% responsibility for the products we supplied and provide qualified after-sales servise.