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    Facing the fierce market competition, how to develop our core technique and to combine our patent protection with our technological innovation, how to combine our patent management with our company administrations, how to improve our management level and core competitiveness is the important issue we are met in the process of scale expansion. From year 2004 on, our company has invested much on the work of patent and so on, preparing to seize the change and striving for it actively. With the help of the government, our company developed our technical advantages and learned from the successful experience of other companies, seek hard for the new way of working and made continuous progress in our work of patent. Our company leaders paid much importance to the protection of patent and fulfill it in the wok.Our company has applied for over 50 patents. Until year 2007, our company has been authorized with 43 patents for our products and technique.

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Three composite layer reversed wrapping sliding bearing

Piston with PTFE banding


A kind of tin-bronze bushing with pressed indentations

Bi-metal bushing with flange


Composite material plate sintering without bronze powder

PTFE inside lining sliding bearing manufacturing method