Products Introduction

ZOB-2 marginal lubricating bearing is an improved product based on SF-2 bearing.Cost is reduced greatly without the sintered bronze powder layer comparing with SF-2 type.With designing with net shape nailholes,POM layer can stick closely on the surface of steel sheet,all of the technical parameters is almost the same as SF-2 type,and capacity that anti-wear layer penetrate into the steel backing is stronger than before.

The test proves that the bushing could still avoid seizing shaft with the anti-wear material on inner surface even if the surface of the bushing is worn out;the bushing is a kind of new energy effective product. The new product has been declared a national patent.

Load capacity limit: 75N/mm2

Friction coef(μ): 0.05~0.25

Temperature limit: -40℃~130℃

Speed limit: 2.5m/s

PV limit: 22N/mm2.m/s

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