Products Introduction
ZOB-1 oilless bearing is an improved type based on SF-1 bushing.It is formed by steel pressed with net shape nailholes on its surface and the PTFE layer extruded into nailholes.Through high temperature sintering,the PTFE layer can adhibit to the steel sheet strongly.According to testing result,the performance of ZOB-1 bearing is the same as SF-1 bearing.

With the improvement in techniques,its cost is reduced greatly;If customer has highly requirement in cost controlling,it can be used as substitute of SF-1 bearing.

Load capacity limit: 140N/mm2 

Friction coef(μ): 0.04.~0.20

Temperature limit: -195℃~280℃

Speed limit: 5m/s

PV limit(dry): 3.6N/mm2.m/s

PV limit(oil): 50N/mm2.m/s
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