Technical Support
Technical Patent

专利支持    Facing the fierce market competition, how to develop our core technique and to combine our patent protection with our technological innovation, how to combine our patent management with our company administrations, how to improve our management level and core competitiveness is the important issue we are met in the process of scale expansion. From year 2004 on, our company has invested much on the work of patent and so on, preparing to seize the change and striving for it actively....


Facility Environment

Company's machining equipped, well-equipped with sophisticated inspection and testing equipment, the products have strong market competitiveness. Equipped with effective guarantee of the product quality of various types ...


Test Facility

The company is equipped with sophisticated inspection and testing equipment, and there is a high-quality, strong technical team and have a perfect test facilities. My company was listed as Zhejiang Technology Center ...


System Certification

Adopted in 1998, ISO9002:1994 certification in 2001 through the ISO9001:2000 certification; 2003 by QS9000:1998 certification; 2004 ISO14001: 2004 certification; in 2004 through the ISO/TS16949: 2002 certification.....