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Synergistic energy saving strong entity, love the family good religion take off

2017-12-22 08:54:09 ZheJiang SF oilless bearing co.,Ltd. Read

The enterprise carries out the family education work, is the jiashan county women's federation, the dry kiln town women's federation to my company's proposal. Pay attention to corporate culture, our company are "innovation, harmony and win-win, and stronger, the benefit of the parties" 16-character guideline, advocated by the enterprise to carry out the family education activities with the government, as a result, the chairman zhou primer spring very agree with this work, in person to carry out the enterprise docking with the town of women's federation chairman qing-yun Chen, director of the all-china women's federation committee, fully conducting family education activities in the enterprise.

The company carries out family education mainly around the following activity carrier. Establish a parent school, conduct a monthly lecture or recreational activities, and invite the children of employees to participate in the company; The workshop set up micro-classrooms, used employees' rest time, played home tutor videos, discussed family education methods and ideas, and proposed a topic for discussion each month, and the expert participated in the comments. Use canteen meal time to publicize family education knowledge, discuss the after-dinner discussion, learn the small story of the tutor; The aisle, corridor, kanban, propaganda window all conduct home education propaganda. In addition, the chairman of the company also wrote the "tutor three words and scriptures" in person to send each employee home to study, thus forming a good atmosphere for building a good family and building a harmonious enterprise. After understanding the situation, the leaders of the women's federation of provinces and cities actively sought to put the national women's federation work conference in jiashan.

On September 2, the all-china women's federation conference in jiashan, participants three visit my company, you agree that family education work in the company embodies the use, combined with the enterprise culture, to help the enterprise economic development. Zhou cited the chairman of the Spring Festival. He summarized the benefits of family education in three aspects: first, family education is beneficial to employees to build a good family. Second, family education is conducive to enterprise cohesion and employee satisfaction. Third, the family education work is conducive to social stability and unity. Therefore, the family education work is a good thing for the great power and the company has the confidence to carry on for a long time. The national women's federation, the ministry of education, the national health and family planning commission jointly launched the education guidance service system in 21 counties, cities and districts in 20 provinces and municipalities in 2013. Zhejiang threesome oilless bearing co., LTD is the only enterprise in zhejiang province pilot unit, its active exploration, innovation, work to get the full affirmation of leadership, perfect corporate culture for the enterprise, improve enterprise management, promote the development of enterprises better took a new step.

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