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The annual summary conference of the company's 6S annual conference

2017-12-22 08:56:38 ZheJiang SF oilless bearing co.,Ltd. Read

On January 20, 2015, shuangfei's 2014 annual 6S annual summary conference was held in the training room of the fifth floor of the administrative building. The conference was attended by nearly 180 people from shuangfei materials co., LTD. And shuangfei bearing company. At the meeting, shuangfei company and materials company management department respectively made the annual 6s internal audit summary. Cao qunying, the head of the system, made the annual report, which reiterated the implementation of the 6S basic management, which is conducive to the healthy development of enterprises and beneficial to the improvement of employees' spiritual outlook.

In the meeting, the 6S management team and outstanding individuals were honored, and the awards and bonuses were awarded respectively.

Chairman zhou spring made concluding remarks, he fully affirmed the first my company to implement the change of the 6 s work in six years, congratulations on the winning departments and employees, and hope that through advanced to drive behind the worker, raise awareness, realistic environment goals. At the same time, it is pointed out that our 6S work is very different from that of foreign advanced enterprises, and the departments need to review the deficiencies and improve the management level of 6S in new ways.

1. To raise awareness of the importance of 6S. 6 s is not only environment good problem, but also the condition of quality assurance, big customers, to the development of an enterprise must let employees get into the habit of nissin day high, there will be no one to do it with each audit does not reach the designated position.

2. 6S is not a problem of one person, but the whole problem. The 6S inspection must cover every employee, including the chairman, and the person who has found the problem in the inspection must undergo more than two reviews until the request is reached.

3. The inspection process shall be carried out strictly according to the plan, and any problems found on the line shall be temporarily added to the list of inspectors. The inspection method shall be subject to the inspection of the terms of the table, but the inspection of the cadres shall be regarded as unqualified evaluation as long as the problems presented in the 6S meeting are presented.

4. Step up the inspection. The top leaders of the board will divide the area into three groups each month, and the test scores shall be counted directly into the competent performance appraisal.

5, for all the damage phenomenon, the department must complete renovation within a week, including: the ground level, regional lines, Windows and doors damage, equipment, electrical appliances, furniture damaged, publicity logo breakage, etc. For tree greening influence propaganda card, should clean once a month, make sure propaganda content sees clear.

All in all, 6 s well done is should, do well is incompetent, to unify understanding, the staff from their own grabbed to raise the level of 6 s management, improve personal accomplishment, finally achieve conscious action, the daily work of good habit. Make good production environment to support product quality improvement, customer satisfaction.

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