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The fourth session of the workers' congress was ceremoniously held

2017-12-22 08:55:51 ZheJiang SF oilless bearing co.,Ltd. Read

On January 8, 2015, the fourth third staff representative meeting of shuangfei company was held in the training room of the fifth floor of the administrative building, and the total number of official representatives of the conference was 78. The general assembly approved the union work summary report of the year 2014, the salary adjustment programme of 2015 and the new collective contract of 2015. At the meeting, the leaders of the general trade union of the county made a statement, hoping to give full play to the role of staff representatives and realize the win-win situation between enterprises and employees. The union reported the enterprise labor safety and health report in 2014, and the employee health, safety and health in 2014 were in good condition. The company realized the goal of the annual physical examination of the whole staff. At the meeting, three staff representatives made comments and Suggestions. Chairman responded on the spot, advice about a threesome outdoor club fully adopted, require employees to sign up for actively, as long as you have agreed to interests of healthy style project, the company will vigorously support. The representatives were very satisfied with the chairman's reply.

The chairman finally addressed the following three questions.

1. The change of machine is the inevitable development of The Times. Every employee should strengthen his study and adapt to the new job requirements.

2. The era of overworking hours and overtime to raise income has passed, and it is necessary to consider raising the wages of low-income people

To improve the monthly basic income, we should use 22 days of labor to achieve 30 days of labor and 30 days of income.

3, ready to pass, help, take action, for new employees to help ideological, technical guidance, to urge on the operation, especially for a line of college students, should give mental support, more let them play a role in the enterprises, promote workshop technical reform.

Hope that all staff unite as one, completes the leader in enterprise production, not only at work more hard to use wisdom, want to get rid of all waste, make the enterprise development more and more good, employees have higher incomes, achieve a win-win situation.

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