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JF-MP friction-welded dual metal bearings are important parts used in engineering machines. They are produced by friction-melt welding together of dual metal roll bearings and dual metal washers. This product uses copper alloy as sliding material in contact with the shaft, providing good lubrication and protection functions to the shaft and shaft shoulders. The base metal is steel, resulting in higher load bearing capacity, and reduced material cost.

The products can withstand both axial and radial load, suitable for high load but moderate to low speed, rotating and swaying applications. They are widely used in chassis parts of various engineering machines, such as bulldozers, excavators, and transporters, etc.

Alloy layer materialCuSn10Pb10The alloy layer and the steel layer bond strength≥150N/mm²
Load capacity65N/mm²Flange and sleeve bond strength≥150N/mm²
Maximum service temperature260℃