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  1. Detailed information

SF - 1 s stainless steel corrosion resistant bearing, is a stainless steel materials as the substrate, sintering corrosion resistant alloy powder, which is mainly composed of ptfe surface rolling low friction material, after rolling forming of a kind of very effective corrosion resistant material. It has the characteristics of oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, seawater and abrasion resistance. The surface PTEE material contains no lead. In the food and beverage machinery, the pump valve, special medicine machinery, printing and dyeing machinery, chemical machinery and Marine industry corrosion-resistant sliding parts are most suitable for use in food and beverage machinery.

Maximum load bearing pressure140N/mm²Coefficient of frictionμ0.04~0.20
Temperature range-195℃~280℃Allowable maximum PV value (dry)


Maximum sliding speed2.5m/sAllowable maximum PV value (oil)50N/mm²·m/s