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  1. Detailed information

SF - 1 cs planet gear bearing lubrication system of automobile gearbox, is on the basis of SF - 1 w material, according to the special working conditions of automotive automatic transmission planetary gear designed lead-free environmental protection new product formula, its surface with a white plastic layer, the performance is similar to foreign P141, has good self-lubricating properties, wear resistance, high fatigue strength, long service life, etc.

The product is recommended for use in the vehicle gearbox planetary gear, fork, various types of battery valves and other sliding parts.

Maximum load bearing pressure140N/mm²Coefficient of frictionμ0.04~0.20
Temperature range-195℃~280℃Allowable maximum PV value (dry)


Maximum sliding speed5m/sAllowable maximum PV value (oil)50N/mm²·m/s