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  1. Detailed information

SF-1CS automotive gear box planetary gear self-lubricating bearing is developed, on the basis of previous SF-1W formulation, while taking into account the special operating conditions of automotive automatic gear box planetary gears. SF-1CS is designed as a new formula lead-free environmental friendly product. Its plastic surface appears white, it's properties and performance are similar to foreign-made product P141. It has excellent self-lubricating, wear-resistant, and fatigue properties, and has long service lives.

SF-1CS is recommended to be used in automotive gear box planetary gears, gear shift fork, yoke shift, forked plectrum, various types of electro-magnetic valves, etc., where sliding is taking place.

Load capacity140N/mm²Friction Coef0.04~0.20
Temperature-195℃~280℃PV limit(dry)


Speed limit5m/sPV limit(oil)50N/mm²·m/s