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  1. Detailed information

Sf-1b bronze base bearing is based on tin bronze, intermediate sintered bronze ball powder, surface rolling PTEE and high temperature filling material.

It has a high safety factor, especially in places where continuous work cannot be stopped and high temperatures cannot be refuelled. At present, it is widely used in metallurgical and steel industry, continuous casting billet rolling road, high temperature furnace front equipment, cement grouting pump and spiral conveyor. It can be a combination of the outer wave combination, and can also be made to turn the edge, to reach the end face, the inner hole and the effect of friction.

The rolling part of the bridge supports the replacement of the pure PTFE board with the products of sf-1b wear-resistant layer. Meet the requirements of 130N/mm squared.

Maximum load bearing pressure140N/mm²Coefficient of frictionμ0.04~0.20
Temperature range-195℃~280℃Allowable maximum PV value (dry)


Maximum sliding speed3m/sAllowable maximum PV value (oil)50N/mm²·m/s