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  1. Detailed information

SF-1B bronze bearing is of high safety factor,it is particularly suit for working condition ofhigh temperature and where no oil can be added or wherethe machine must work successively for long time.The bushing is widely used in steel metallurgy industry including sliding ways of successive casting machines,cement grouting pumps and spiraling conveyers for cement.It can also be pressed into a steel housing and work as an assembly;it can also be made as flange type which can move both in radial and axial directions.

Wear plate made from SF-IB material can be used in sliding part of bridge underprop.It can stand pressure of 130N/mm2 if we use a thicker wear layer and can be substitute of pure PTFE plate.

Load capacity140N/mm²Friction Coef0.04~0.20
Temperature-195℃~280℃PV limit(dry)


Speed limit3m/sPV limit(oil)50N/mm²·m/s