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    1. Detailed information

    Sf-1p reciprocating motion bearing is based on the structure of sf-1x material, and the novel formula is designed according to the special working conditions of reciprocating motion. Its performance is similar to that of DD2 in foreign countries. It has the advantages of strong lubricating ability, good abrasion resistance and clear oil film. The product can protect the surface of the grinding shaft well. ,

    The product has been widely used in automobile shock absorber, motorcycle shock absorber, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor and pneumatic components.

    Maximum load bearing pressure140N/mm²Coefficient of frictionμ0.04~0.20
    Temperature range-195℃~280℃Allowable maximum PV value (dry)


    Maximum sliding speed2.5m/sAllowable maximum PV value (oil)50N/mm²·m/s