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    1. Detailed information

    [4]SF-1P is particularly suitable for bushes used in reciprocating movement;its property is similar with which of in foreign countries named DD2.It has good performance of anti-wear so it can keep the lubricating oil clear after long period of working,Meanwhile it can protect the mating surface from wearing.It is widely used as piston ring for shock atsorber for aulomobiles,motorcycles,various hydraulic cylinders,hydraie motwrs and pneumatie elements.

    The product has been widely used in automobile shock absorber, motorcycle shock absorber, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor and pneumatic components.

    Load capacity140N/mm²Friction Coef0.04~0.20
    Temperature-195℃~280℃PV limit(dry)


    Speed limit2.5m/sPV limit(oil)50N/mm²·m/s