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    FR - 2 s porous stainless steel plate composite soft belt bearing is based on the material of stainless steel plate, through bonding process, adhered on the surface of the work in a 0.2 ~ 1 mm thick layer of modified PTFE wear-resistant material, after rolling. Due to perforated stainless steel plate of acid and alkali corrosion performance, at the same time in the surface of the modified ptfe soft belt also has good acid and alkali corrosion resistance, so when the product in acid and alkali corrosive environment such as work, failure will not occur by bearing material corrosion products. In addition, because just had perforated stainless steel plate as the base material, product weight is lighter, modified ptfe soft belt and punching stainless steel plate bonding strength between the more solid, when using the high degree of reliability, is a kind of friction coefficient, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion sliding bearing new products, has now been applied in chemical valves, textile machinery, and other areas to a corrosive environment.

    Maximum load bearing pressure100N/mm²Coefficient of frictionμ0.05~0.20
    Temperature range-40℃~280℃Maximum sliding speed