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    Corrosion resistant elastic FR - S self-lubricating bearing is low carbon stainless steel wire woven network matrix, through the special sintering process, the surface rolling polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and other filling anti-friction material made of a mixture. It has low friction coefficient and good wear resistance. Because of its flexible and good, it can be used as steel and steel for the grinding of the separation film, realizing the ideal purpose of no gap, no noise, no oil lubrication, no maintenance, no pollution. Compared with FR between products of the company, the matrix selection carries higher stainless steel wire instead of the original phosphor bronze wire mesh, improve the corrosion resistance of the product, can be used in some chemical equipment.

    Temperature range-40℃~280℃
    Maximum load bearing pressure100N/mm²PV value2N/mm²·m/s
    Maximum sliding speed


    Coefficient of friction0.05~0.20