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    ZOB-FRB double-layer composite woven copper-screen/soft-sheet bearing uses steel plate as backing base, onto which woven copper-screen soft PTFE sheet composite layer is adhesively bonded, and then is rolled/processed into bearing products. The type of products with top surface PTFE material reinforced by copper-screen have greatly enhanced load bearing capacity and wear-resistant properties. When used in automotive door joints, engine and luggage compartments joints, rain scrapers, and other sliding applications, ZOB-FRB can function well without the need to add any lubricant, achieving no-gap with its elasticity, and with much reduced noise

    Load capacity140N/mm²Friction Coef0.04~0.20
    Temperature-195℃~280℃PV limit(dry)3.6N/mm²·m/s
    Speed limit5m/sPV limit(oil)22N/mm²·m/s