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    1. Detailed information

    JDB - 8 phosphor bronze inlaid solid lubricating bearing, is customer specified products, matrix is CuSn10P1 material, the material does not contain lead, widely used in powder metallurgy products, characterized by a relatively small friction coefficient, but the bearing pressure on the low side. After the product is inlaid with graphite, it can reach the function of solid lubrication without refueling. Compared with the general bronze bearing, the elastic and wear-resisting properties of the products are significantly improved, but the cost is higher than that of jdb-2 and jdb-7. The products are mainly used in low - load, high - temperature and medium-speed occasions.

    Basic materialCuSn10P1
    Ultimate dynamic load60N/mm²
    Matrix hardnessHB80~120Coefficient of frictionμ<0.15
    Maximum service temperature350℃Maximum sliding speed2m/s