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    1. Detailed information

    JDB-8 Graphite-impregnated phosphor-bronze solid lubrication bearings are customer-specified products. Its base is CuSn10P1 material which is lead-free and is widely used in powder metallurgy products. It has relatively low coefficient of friction but also relatively low load bearing capacity. After graphite impregnation, it can be used without oil lubrication.Compared with regular bronze bearings, it has much better elasticity and wear-resistance properties, but its cost is higher than JDB-2 and JDB-7.JDB-8 is mainly used in low load, high temperature, and moderate speed applications.

    Basic materialCuSn10P1
    Dynanic load60N/mm²
    Base hardnessHB80~120Friction Coef<0.15
    Temperature Max350℃Speed limit2m/s