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    1. Detailed information

    JDB - 7 bronze inlaid bearing, it is the customer specified product, on many occasions, the original practical 5-5-5 bronze, because there is no self lubricating performance, under the condition of the poor lubrication is used, often bite shaft phenomenon, the product is under the condition of the modified and molding products, through the inlaid graphite in bearing working surface according to certain rules, make the products can be realized under the condition of oil free of solid lubrication, the product can be used in high temperature environment, such as hot steam raceway, papermaking machinery, etc.

    Basic materialCuSn5Zn5Pb5
    Ultimate dynamic load60N/mm²
    Matrix hardnessHB80~120Coefficient of frictionμ<0.15
    Maximum service temperature350℃Maximum sliding speed2m/s