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    1. Detailed information

    JDB - 6 copper casting steel inlaid solid lubricating shaft sleeve is a kind of high strength and save material of self-lubricating bearings, compared with general inlaid copper alloy solid lubricated bearing, its products are low in comparison with the coat with the price of low carbon steel, the inner surface is 1 ~ 2 mm base copper alloy and copper alloy inlaid solid lubricating bearing the same material, so the product material cost decreased obviously, while due to the base material used in the product for low carbon steel, and brass alloy centrifugal casting of high hardness, high force, compared to its shock resistance is better, when under high impact load, won't appear rupture phenomenon. The product is suitable for low - speed overload and impact load.

    Alloy layer materialSteel+CuZn25A16Fe3Mn3Maximum load bearing pressure150N/mm²
    Alloy layer hardness0.04~0.20Maximum service temperature200℃