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    1. Detailed information

    JDB - 1 - c copper alloy graphite solid lubrication bearing is aluminum brass substrate, on the bearing inner diameter work out the same circular groove spacing, and then embedded in the groove solid lubricating materials, after diameter precision machining and into a high wear-resistant solid lubrication of bearings. In use process, due to the effect of friction heat, the inner surface of aluminum brass groove solid lubricating materials can produce trace expansion, first with shaft friction, forming a transfer film on the shaft, to reduce the friction coefficient, reduce shaft and bushing wear, prolong service life, etc. The product is especially suitable for precise mould guide sleeve, precise guide rail and other reciprocating linear motion.

    Alloy layer materialCuZn25A16Fe3Mn3Coefficient of frictionμ<0.2
    Alloy layer hardnessHB210~270Maximum service temperature200℃