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    1. Detailed information

    Jdb-1h high hardness brass inlaid solid lubrication bearing, which is based on JDB-1 bearing, is further improved by casting process adjustment. The hardness of the strength of the strength of the brass matrix makes the bearing capacity and wear resistance of the product get the greatest improvement. Because the increase of product hardness leads to the decrease of product elongation, avoid using the product under larger inflatable loads. At the same time, because of the improvement of the rigidity of the shaft, it is necessary to use higher hardness on the grinding shaft in the design, preventing the early wear of the shaft. Products are widely used in mining machinery, engineering machinery, injection molding machines and so on.

    Basic materialCuZn25A16Fe3Mn3Ultimate dynamic load140N/mm²
    Matrix hardnessHB>275Coefficient of frictionμ


    Maximum service temperature300℃Maximum sliding speed

    dry 0.4m/s oil 5m/s