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    Three sides of sintering has a wear-resistant alloy double metal plate is a new type of self-lubricating, with general sintering double metal single-side or double-side skateboard, compared to the product of the surface of the sintered alloy layer for the three surface, to provide more lubrication, compared with copper alloy board, because of using the steel base plate on the sintering process of copper alloy, material cost decreased obviously, and the adoption of special powder metallurgy sintering process, fill in the copper alloy layer of solid lubrication materials, enables the product under the condition of high temperature to maintain good self-lubricating properties, friction factor decreases obviously, wear-resisting performance is greatly improved, can be in tyre mould, auto mould and other devices.

    Alloy layer materialCuSn+Gr.Maximum service temperature200℃
    Maximum load bearing pressure73.5N/mm²Coefficient of frictionμ