Technical Patents

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How along with the increasingly fierce market competition, the company in a competitive environment to develop their own core technology, combining the patent protection and technology innovation, combine patent management and company management, improve management level and core competitiveness, is to the company encountered in the process of large-scale expansion of major issue. In 2004 the company began to vigorously promote the patent work, accurately grasp the opportunity, actively, and leadership of the government departments at all levels, with the help of the guidance of my company make full use of its advantages in technology, draw lessons from the successful experience of other enterprises, efforts to explore new methods of work make patent work continuously to make progress. Company leaders not only pay great attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, but also the patent work. The company has applied for more than 50 kinds of patents successively. By the end of 2007, 43 patents were authorized and the patent work was outstanding.